Why do this?


Update  – Dec 21/13 – Ok, I just saved some friends about $700.00 on 2 flights – this is why I do this.

They gave me dates, April 26 – May 3 and going to Tampa from Detroit.

The price they had was $550.00 pp and sometimes if you just want to book it and get it over with, that’s fine.

I asked them to give me a little time and I’ll either find a better price or some free flights using Avios or Aeroplan.

Well, I did both. Here is a screenshot of Avios free flights.


There is 1 free flight available at the bottom with a stop in DFW( 7 going from Detroit to Dallas, 1 going from Dallas to Tampa)

Now, coming back there are at least 4 available with a stop in Chicago.


I explain this on my Avios and Aeroplan pages if this is one of the first things you are reading.

There was also 9 flights out of Toronto but nothing coming back using your Aeroplan points.

425 toronto

So I was happy – there were free flights available if they had Avios or Aeroplan points which I explain on those pages and the AMEX page.

Then I checked Southwest out of Flint who are very reasonable and bags fly free.


$102.00??? Wow, now that is one-way, but the return is the same price.


So I think even if you had the points, you spend the $204.00 each and pay nothing for your bags through Southwest.

So, total price goes from $1100.00 originally to $408.00 total.

That’s why I do this – and that’s why I’m going to encourage you to post any deal you find going South for us here in SouthWestern Ontario.

Like I have said on a different page, I have been reading travel bloggers for a couple of years now, and by no means will my content be as informative and detailed as those people. Make no mistake they are good at what they do.

This will be a “no frills” type of blog, as I have a full time job, and Big Rick and Carolyn can only devote so much time to finding deals for us.

BUT…a couple of things struck me which I believe to the average reader will be VERY IMPORTANT.

1. Many of those bloggers talk complicated terms and assume you know stuff you probably don’t know. They also talk flying Business and First Class which I won’t even mention. I am finding ways to travel cheaply to destinations and staying in hotels that can be average to very luxurious. Yes, you might have to drive an extra hour or two to get to an airport, but that comes with the territory. These bloggers are very cut-throat, so I’m stating right away, they have better, more informative blogs.


2. I’m just finding deals for people that live in Southwestern Ontario and Michigan. Flying out of Detroit, Flint, Cleveland, Toledo, Toronto and Buffalo. Perhaps other cities in those areas as well.

I invite you to comment if you find deals as well – that’s what it’s all about.

Credit Cards.

There are many credit cards to choose from out there, and I devote a whole page to this. Yes, we will ask for referrals from AMEX, and yes that is worth travel money. You don’t have to take our referral, you can get referred from someone else, your call. All I am saying is that we’d appreciate the referral for doing the work, and from there you refer friends and family members. It doesn’t cost you anything, I was referred from Rewards Canada a few times and he probably made a few hundred from me getting AMEX cards from his link. I’m more than OK with that. If your not, don’t do it.

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