Southwest Strategy

NOTE****This strategy can only be used until March 31, 2017 now – get on it!




So this page is a strategy used when you want to pick up about $2500 CDN in flights on Southwest, partner flies free for up to 2 years(if done on Jan. 1 or so) and a 7 night stay in a class 1-5 Marriott hotel with hotel points left over for more later.

There needs to be 2 of you to do this – preferably a couple or 2 good friends.


Fly with Southwest Strategy – partner flies free for rest of current calendar year + next calendar year. You also pick up 120,000 Southwest points worth over $2500 CDN in flights.

Set up SPG, Marriott and Southwest accounts for you and spouse/partner.

  1. Go to our page  “How do you do this”
  2. Go to 3rd one listed Amex SPG personal card and get that card (20,000 SPG)
  3. Refer souse/partner to same card (10,000 refer) + (20,000 SPG)
  4. Get SPG business card (same day or wait awhile) (20,000 SPG)
  5. Refer spouse/partner to that same business card (10,000 refer) + (20,000 SPG)
  6. You now have 100,000 SPG points between you – set up a family SPG account.
  7. Transfer 90,000 SPG to one person’s Marriott account.
  8. That is 270,000 Marriot points worth a 7 night travel package – Hotel and Air package #3 – 7 nights hotel (class 5 max) and 120,000 Southwest points.
  9. Here is link for that
  10. You can always pay more points for higher class hotel.


If for some reason you can’t get SPG cards, the Marriott cards give you 50,000 points each on sign up but it leaves you 170,000 Marriott points short. Probably a good idea to still get that card after the fact.


Total fees for 2 SPG Amex cards each is $120 + $120 + $150 + $150 = $540 CDN

Gets you $2500 (CDN) in Southwest flights, partner flies free and 7 nights free in a Marriott Hotel up to class 5.

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