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Does this hurt your credit rating? A resounding NO!!!

A few co-workers usually ask me this question this time of year – “Does getting all these cards hurt your credit rating?”



Take it from Gronk from a totally unrelated YouTube video (Tide pods) – IF YOU PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME THIS WILL NOT HURT YOUR CREDIT SCORE AT ALL.

My page “How do you do this” will get you started on the right cards for Canadians and travelling for free.

In the 6+ years I have been doing this my rating has stayed between 720 and 790.

That is good/very good/excellent.

I won’t go on a long rant but if you are tired of your Air Miles doing nothing for you and a few bucks here and there grocery shopping you should try this “hobby” out – it is very lucrative and not overly time consuming – it does take some learning.

1 card every 3-4 months? Why not travel for free?

There are far better sites/blogs than mine to start your education on this.

Rewards Canada, and many more out there.

I am just simply stating this doesn’t hurt your score if you are responsible at paying bills.



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Travel Sports? Get some hotel points!

I did a post a few years ago…

It has come up again recently and is still true today but with fewer options – for now.

Travel sports cost money – hotel money is a part of it.

Why not alleviate some of that pain and get hotel points as a team?

Because Amex lets you refer and is generous with their sign up bonuses there are ways you could go a season and spend very little if any money on hotels.

The CDN cards you can get (right now) are the Amex SPG card – personal and business and the Best Western Mastercard.

I have them linked on the “How do you do this” page but even these 2-3 cards will save you thousands in hotel stays – yes thousands.

Especially the Cat 1 and 2 SPG properties going for 4000 points or less a night and decent properties for sure!

If you are reading this and don’t travel for sports…who cares? Why not grab a couple thousand dollars worth of hotel nights for $120-$270 total in annual fees?

It seems like a no-brainer but some people are wary of cards that carry an annual fee – it is so worth it in the end though.


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Get Going on March Break!

Seems this is the time of year everyone is realizing they need a break if they didn’t go anywhere for Christmas holidays (if you had them)

It’s cold, January and you are sick of hearing stories about “who went where”

So…you wanna go somewhere free eh?

Image result for florida beaches

You can – it’s about 2 months from now – but you have to hustle.

Ya – it’s credit card sign up bonuses – I have been yapping about them on this site for over 4 years now.

I talk to many people about this daily so why not don’t a quick blog post about it?

The page “How do you do this” has the 3 cards to get – you could get 2 of them and pretty much be covered for a free vacation.

If you can refer a partner/spouse etc you can more than double up on the bonus points.

Yes, you have to spend some money and yes you have to learn a little bit about points and how they work – BUT IT IS WORTH IT!!!

For the spending money part get some family/friends/etc to help you out there – then pay them what they spend on your card – not really allowed but…

Learning about points? Check our other pages “Amex Points” and others.

I’d probably get both the Amex Gold Business (you can be a business by the way) and the Amex SPG card and then refer a partner if you can.

The Best Western card is good, it’s just they can be very disorganized with their points rewarding and you might not see them in time.

The Amex Gold points post immediately which is excellent and the SPG points post monthly so you want to get that card and spend your $1500 soon.

Then…go on a free vacation for March Break! Or if a little late on points there is still Easter!

Try it – it’s fun!


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Use Google flights – Different cities!!!

So back to school for me and everyone is talking about their next trip…wherever!

A tool I use and you probably should too if you don’t yet is GOOGLE FLIGHTS.

Let’s say you’re like many of my co-workers and are talking March Break since it is only 2 months away now (in Ontario)

Some people have very strict times, dates and cities to adhere to and therefore box themselves into a certain flight price that won’t change very much in the next 2 months.

Let’s say ( a common one here) Saturday to Saturday March 10 -17 Detroit to Tampa.

Here is the current flight info.


So $391 CDN for a nonstop or not shown is $345 for 1 stop.

If you are purchasing a few flights savings means alot here!

Just by changing a day or a city you can save significant amounts.

Many people I chat with are buying 4 flights…so let’s see what I can do here.


Fly out of Cleveland! I have done a few posts over the last few years about flying out of Cleveland rather than Detroit and it can pay off! (391-251 = $140 per flight!)

Then you can play with the dates,cities etc and hopefully save even more money.

Since many of you are now planning March break plans I suggest you try out Google Flights before you book your flights – it may not save you anything – but it probably will.



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$50 CDN Round trip to Ft. Myers!!!

I don’t see this very often, if at all.

There are different combinations of this trip but I just put one weekend up.

It’s $50 CDN for a round trip flight – out of Detroit to Ft. Myers, Florida.

It’s on Spirit, but c’mon, really – 50 bucks!!!!!!!!!

This may not last, but wow.


Still flights to Florida week of New Years for cheap!

If you are looking last minute to Florida out of our area you can still get some pretty decent deals to hit the beach for a few days New Years week.

I found one for under $150 CDN round trip – Detroit – Ft. Lauderdale for 3 days and nights.

When it’s Ft. Lauderdale it’s usually Spirit airlines but I’ve flown there a few times with them and it’s a good flight.

This gets you all day Thur/Fri and Sat coming back Sat night in time to get ready for school if you have kids in school.

It’s not a weeks vacation or anything but just might be a perfect little getaway south for you.

Here are the specifics.


That’s not bad for less than 3 weeks away and this time of year!