Karen has All Inclusives for $565 CDN TOTAL!!!

OK it’s a bad picture, but it’s legit till May 4th!

Check her page on how to get in touch with Karen – these All Inclusives are amazing prices this time of year!





Karen has Wild Wednesday/Transat Tuesday still available!

More deals, deals, deals from Karen.

Check her page and get in touch with her – she will find you something nice down South.


All Inclusive Deals from Karen for the weekend!

Karen finds deals.

See her page on how to get a hold of her and GO SOUTH!!!


Marriott/SPG changes

Didya hear? Yes, I’m sure you did by now – I read at least 8 different bloggers’ version of this and am getting tired of it.

Canadian and US bloggers – I’ll put a link to the best Canadian blogger and US blogger about these changes.



Ya, you might not agree with my fav – but I’ve been reading these guys for years and I feel they have the best content.

You can just google this and find a whole bunch of information for yourself.

My take? Wait and see, find some sweet spots in the “off peak” bookings and of course get the new credit cards when they come out!

For everyone I know, that is pretty much it. For the bloggers that do nothing but travel and write they will have much more to say – but I personally know nobody that stays 50 nights year/spends thousands of dollars on one card etc.

So let’s just see what’s coming and hope the sign-up bonuses are sweet and they keep referral bonuses!

Detroit Summer Series – Boston $177 CDN round trip most of summer.

I love doing the Detroit Summer Series and finding great flight prices.

In this case, it’s Boston and it is not very expensive all summer.

If you use Google Flights you can see many options Detroit – Boston at $177 CDN round trip all summer.

Here is a picture of the screen you get.


Basically try a bunch of options – you will eventually find the $177 flights.

This is on Delta too – so that will make people happy!

Sunday August 19 – Wednesday August 22 is one of those options.


There are many more!




More Deals from Karen!

Karen has Transat Tuesday and Wild Wednesday deals posted here!

Check her page on how to get ahold of her…


Karen has Transat Tuesday and Wild Wednesday!

More deals from Karen – 7 nights in Cuba from $499!!!!!




Detroit summer series!!! East Coast

Well, April is here and I’m thinking summer trips now!

When I started doing this series a few years ago…


I would wait till May – but that’s no fun.

I plugged in some dates in July and settled on Sat. July 7 – Wed. July 11 (coincidentally dates of a trip we are planning) and found some nice flight prices out of Detroit to…

Boston $164 (all prices round trip and CDN funds)

NYC $182

Philly $139

Washington DC $127

and I have to throw in Ft. Lauderdale my fav at $170.

I will post more specific and hopefully lower priced deals soon – but that’s a nice start.

Image result for summer flights

Karen has Europe!

Karen posted some new deals today – something different to Europe!


Time to branch out into US Cards?

I started reading about this process around 2 years ago and it has been quite lucrative.


His write up was very well written and got me into the US card game.

PointsNerd followed it up with quite the extensive “how to do this” series.


Between these 2 articles you would be all set to get some US cards.

The thing is – you don’t have to do all of that – and I’ll make it way simpler.

It seems the key to both articles (very well written by both by the way) is getting your US ITIN card.

Well, I eventually got mine after a few months and it didn’t even matter.

I didn’t need an ITIN card, a bank account in the US or a US phone number!

Now, this may not be true for you but this process can actually be quite easy.

I would start with a US Amex card if you already have a CDN one and work from there.

You can pay off your US credit card bills with a TD US account (in Canada) which will charge you $2.50 per transaction but well worth it when you think of all the new points you’ll be getting.

My CDN phone number is tied to my accounts as well.

What do you REALLY NEED?

A U.S. mailing address.

The process they outline takes a few months and can be quite tedious.

Why not try easy first and then build your US credit?

I have to say it REALLY  helps if you have quick access to the US – like live in a border town like I do.

That also makes US manufactured spend significantly easier too.

How would you get started?

Google “*location* package pickup” and by *location* I mean where you would physically pick up your US credit card because it is not getting delivered to you here in Canada.

Find one that seems legit and gets good reviews and use that place as your new “US residence”

Apply for the card. – I would suggest either the Amex Personal Gold or Amex Personal SPG card. BOTH FREE FIRST YEAR

Tell the truth in your application and hope for the best.

If it fails – and it very well might – try the ways mentioned above.

I’m just trying to save you some time and frustration.

I’ve included my referral link below if you are so inclined – and thanks!

SPG first (cuz it’s the best!)



Amex Gold