March Break 2016- Look Now!

I know most people aren’t looking for flight prices for our next Canadian March break, but I am.

More importantly, I am looking for Reward Flights that won’t cost me anything.

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I base all our posts out of Detroit and to places in Florida like Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Myers, Miami and Jacksonville.

So you may be thinking what Reward Flights?

There have been many posts on Air Miles and what a waste of points that can be and I’ll just leave it at that.

For Aeroplan, we have a page on that, but simply these flights are 25,000 Aeroplan points each plus at least $50 in taxes per flight.

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The points I have collected for about 4 years now are Avios and the reasons are many – just see our Avios page. Quickly, those same flights are 18,000 – 24,000 points and less taxes.

So, I will check Google flights, today July 7 so see what the best flights prices are to Florida cities from Detroit around March 12-19.

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Looks around $350 CDN for different options and that won’t change much in the near future.

If you are flexible and can leave on Mondays and other options you mights be able to get that price down.

So about $1400 – $1600 for a family of four.

That is normal and will only go up as those dates approach.

How about free?

That is what we do here – find options for people that want to try this.

As I have been doing this for a few years now I know you have to have some patience and flexibility when it comes to booking these flights.

As an example you probably won’t find Detroit – Tampa – Sat. to Sat. – good luck on that for a number of reasons.

But…you can find flights like Detroit-Charlotte-Orlando Sat. to Sun. if you give it some time.

Awhile back I looked into how many flights Detroit flies to US Airways/AA hubs like Charlotte/Philadelphia/NYC and Washington a day. In some cases it is 7 flights a day.

Then, I looked into how many times those hub cities flew into Tampa/Orlando/Ft. Myers/Jacksonville/Miami a day. In some cases it is 7 a day, more often it is 4 a day.

“Who does this?” you may think. Well, better bloggers than myself have put countless hours into this and have websites set up just for this!

But I just like looking up Florida flights so it’s not so bad.

So, what I will list is Detroit – those hub cities flights available as of today for CDN March break 2016.

Then I will list what is available from those hub cities to Florida destinations.

For now I’ll keep this to Sat. March 12 – Sat/Sun March 19/20

Detroit –

Charlotte – 2 available/5 available March 12 – coming back Sat 19 – 3/3/3/1/3

Philadelphia – 2/5/2/3/3 available March 12 – coming back Sat 19 – 6/2/3/2/3


Washington, DC – not alot.

So, that being said let’s keep this realistic and keep the flights to Florida out of Charlotte and Philadelphia.

Charlotte –

Jacksonville – 2/3/3/3/3 available March 12 – coming back Sat 19 – 2/1/2/2

Orlando – nothing.

Tampa – not much

Ft. Myers – nothing

Miami – nothing.

Philadelphia –

Jacksonville – 3/2/2 available March 12 -coming back Sat 19 – nothing

Orlando  – nothing

Tampa – nothing

Ft. Myers – nothing

Miami – 2 available on Sat March 12 – nothing coming back.

This definitely tells me a few things already.

1. Right now you could easily get your family of 4 to Florida over March break for 18,000 Avios per person going Detroit/Charlotte/Jacksonville.

Get Amex Gold, refer your partner – you both end up with at least 60,000 MR points(you 35,000, them 25,000) – convert to Avios before Sept. 30 – 75,000 Avios.

goldcard ad

2. Perhaps cities not as popular ie. Jacksonville have more availability as not as many people seem to fly there? I have also noticed that with West Palm Beach – PBI – I’ll leave that up to you to check.

3. You probably won’t get a direct flight for the whole family – and sometimes the family may have to be broken up on 2 different flights – but if you are saving $1500 on flights it may be worth it.

Try the steps I mention – you can also check our Avios page/Booking free flights page/Free Week in Florida page -all the information is there.

It can be done and is just really a few steps away.

Email me if you get this process started and need a hand. – Jay.

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