Free Weekend Getaways.

UPDATE Jan. 23 – going to Philadelphia!


We did a page like this last year at this time. I am going to post a different weekend getaway every week that 2 people could go on (possibly 3). This includes airfare and hotel for 3 nights in a Marriott brand hotel.

This is based on 2 things.

1. You have airline points – Avios to be exact. You will need at least 18,000 Avios for 2 people to fly for free to these destinations.

See our Avios page on how to sign up.

If you or your partner got the Amex Gold Rewards Card, you would have 25,500 points after you spend the $500 needed to get the points. That’s it. Spend $500 and be done with it.

Here it that card.

goldcard ad

2. You or your partner get the Chase Marriott Visa Card.

Here is the link for that card.

That will give you 50,000 Marriott points plus a free night in a Cat.  1-4 hotel.

So with those points you could have 3 nights in a Cat. 4 hotel with 10,000 points leftover. See chart below.


There are some nice Cat. 4 Marriott hotels!

Did I mention both of these cards are free the first year?

So…1 American Express card and 1 Visa card. The travel value in those 2 cards can be worth anywhere from $800 – $1000+!

Again, that is 2 round trip flights and 3 nights in a hotel – free. (well flight taxes probably will be about $24 total)

Lastly, it can take about a week to get those cards and then it can take anywhere from 1 day to a month to get your points depending on when you spend so know in advance those points will take some time to get.

Now here is where I change the city each week – but always out of Detroit.

Detroit – Philadelphia, PA  Wednesday Feb 11 – Saturday Feb 14 (3 nights)




That took me 15 seconds to find. That’s how easy this is.

9000 Avios + $13 is for 1 person, so double that for 2, and there are many flights available at different times.

Stay at…well you can pick from 18 Cat 4 hotels in the Philadelphia area)

These will use 20,000 points each so you have enough points with your free night certificate.


Here is the link to see those 18 hotels in the area.

There you have it, 3 nights away in a cool city with hotel and airfare included. You didn’t win a contest, you just tried something different and it worked.


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