Booking Free Flights

This is a new page (Oct 15/2014) that I have been asked to do on a number of occasions.

“How do you book free flights”


Well, my example (with pics!) is going to show you exactly how using British Airways Avios.  Do not worry – it is for a domestic flight within the US or Canada on American Airlines or US Airlines.

Please see our Avios page on more information on flying with Avios.


1. Sign up for a Executive account. It’s free.

avios 3


You will be able to fly with American Airlines and US Air using the points you will get.

2. Get points. You can get the Amex Gold Rewards Card, spend $500 on it and you will have 25,500 Membership Rewards points(Amex points) the day after you spend that money. For our example lets just say you spent $2000 on it so you have an even 27,000 points. (note 1 points is 1 dollar spent but you get double points at gas,grocery, drugstores and travel)

Here is the link for that card.

Always remember to pay your bills before interest starts accumulating and always be careful with credit.

3. Transfer points from Amex to BA Avios.

The transfer rate is 1:1 although sometimes (March 2013) there is a bonus to transfer your points at a better ratio. But for this we will go with 1:1

avios 4

So pick the option right above – Executive Club – transfer my points.

And now you will have this screen.

avios 5

Confirm the transfer and you have 27,000 Avios.


4. Sign in to and look for your flights

Under “Executive Club” – “Spending Avios” you will get this screen.

avios 7

Pick “Book Flights with Avios”

5. Pick your options for the flights as seen in this pic.

avios 8

6. Book those flights!

How about 3 round trip, direct flights to New York City from Detroit. Total cost is $37!

avios 6

Ya, that easy.

Now your availability may be harder to find so this takes time and patience!


Aeroplan flights can be found on our Aeroplan page, but we in Southern Ontario like to save points and fly out of Detroit for short-haul flights using Avios.

Again, there are many ways to get the MR points, but the Gold Rewards Card is a very good option with no fee first year and points immediately.




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