Big Rick’s Deals

OK I got a couple deals for ya on my next page.

You gotta remember these are higher stars+ –  I won’t stay in poor quality  places.

I have been to most of these places and I know what Im talking bout! These prices may seems high to you, but its $$$ to travel right now, so these are good prices kids – when prices come down, YOU WILL KNOW!!!( p.s. I did pay a lot more 20 yrs ago when I started traveling to All Inclusives) I travel smarter now n find the deals!

I use red tag and to find these trips  and spend toooo many hours doing this.

I’ll either have screenshots for ya or the link, but the link goes bad sometimes, so ya gotta move quick on some of these.

Ya, you could sit at home doing this, but I am for free! Toronto is where you are leaving from( but sometimes London /Windsor if there is a deal) so I hope that works for ya too.

Just check back with me every week, I will keep ya posted on good all inclusives at great prices.

Shoot me some questions or comments too!


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