Big Purchase BONUS

So a couple of people lately have told me after the fact that they just put over $10,000 on their credit card and are excited to be getting $100-$200 in “rewards” from the credit card provider. (think CDN Tire or PC Financial)

This is a missed opportunity. Especially if the vendor takes Amex and you can pay with 2 forms of payment.

You can get at least $500 in rewards and if you do this as a couple, $1000.

The Amex Business Gold Rewards Card is what you want. (link now fixed)

The best part? It’s free first year – you don’t even pay an annual fee for getting up to 10% of your spend back.

When you do the math with this opportunity, it is incredible.

Here is a quick example.

  1. Get the card (through our link if you want to help us out)
  2. As soon as you get it, refer your partner and pick up 10,000 MR points to do so
  3. Partner gets card.
  4. Let’s keep your purchase simple at an even $10,000 – split up the purchase to put $5000 on each card.
  5. You will both receive a sign up bonus of 40,000 MR points plus the 5000 points you each spent.
  6. You both have 45,000 points plus your 10,000 to refer = 100,000 total MR points.

Again, if it’s just you, you’ll pick up 45,000 points for yourself worth at least $450 in charges on your card.

You don’t have to be a “Business” – many people I know have called their Business their full name and were “Tutors” in the Education field.

Some may be wondering what 100,000 total MR points is worth.

Well, it can be worth 50,000 SPG points which is roughly worth $2000 in hotel stays.

It can be worth 100,000 Airline points worth roughly $2000 in flights.

Or, you can just erase $1000 total in purchases.

If you do keep them as MR points, they can’t be combined so you’d erase $550 in purchases and partner could erase $450.

As you can see, the return on this spend is incredible!

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