Aeroplan points are my secondary points for travelling, but for many of you, could be your primary points.

***June 5 update – you can convert your Aeroplan points to Avios about 1:1 through a process that pointed out a few months back.

We have a previous post on this as well.

I am by no means a pro on Aeroplan, so those of you that are feel free to add advice and positive comments for those others that may read this.

You see, for those that are new to this, there are thousands of bloggers out there that know more than me – I just want you to be aware that there is free travel out there if you look!

I will include a link here to which explains everything you need to know about Aeroplan. This site is amazing and can answer any question you may have about any travel related question, really.
As I don’t take many “long haul” flights across Canada and the US, I can’t benefit from the 25,000 point redemptions, but maybe you can.
Now, Air Canada runs Aeroplan, but they are part of the Star Alliance with United.

When you book a flight with Aeroplan, you go to this site.

You need to have an Aeroplan account.

Click “Use you miles” – “for travel”

Key in your flight search.(Economy for cheap flights)

You will get something like this if your exact flight isn’t available.

So, you need to get flights that are the yellow squares.

aero call

So I will try March 10 – March 17 because they are both yellow.


aero 2

There are more, I’m just keeping it simple.

I didn’t find any non-stop flights, but still they are free if you have the points.(+ taxes)

So say you pick the 2nd one –  8h 48m with 1 stop.

You then get this.

aero 3

You select the only return available. Yes it’s a long flight.

aero 4

Final price for 2 people – 50,000 Aeroplan and $291.00 in fees.

Now, fees will vary as this next example will show.

aero 5

50,000 Aeroplan and $61.00 in fees leaving from Detroit to Orlando different days.(2 people)

So there you have it for now, get an Aeroplan account at least on their site.

I  have a link on my AMEX page for a 30,000 point sign-up BONUS with no annual fee! So, yes another free flight (long haul) or 2 free flights (short haul)

3 responses to “Aeroplan”

  1. Al Johnson says :

    I am an aeroplan Dblack member,
    This is kind of related,
    Last week I was looking to book a return flight from LHR to YOW on the Air Canada website.
    I put in the dates that I knew I was flying and unchecked the box flexible with travel dates and the next page gave me the cost for the round trip. I was distracted and by the time I returned to the computer to finish my booking. the web page had expired, starting out again I filled out the dates etc but in the rush I did not “UNCHECK” the box for flexible with travel days, presses next and found that the days that I wanted where available and at$1000.00 less that the previous quote. I redid the search a couple of times and each time I left the box checked it was always $1000.00 cheaper.
    I am paying for this flight to get the travel segments for the next level.

    Just thought I would pass this on.

    • says :

      Wow! That is information people do need! Thanks so much for commenting. That is what we are trying to do here – “working together to find travel deals” and hopefully that can help our readers somehow. Please feel free to comment anytime – we need a few good Canadian blog/sites to get the conversations going. Rewards Canada is def. my favourite.

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