A Free Week in Florida

So, I have been asked this question the most lately as we are getting into the colder temperatures.

“So you can fly a family and get them hotel stays in Florida  – all for free?”

Well, I can’t – you need to do the work – but yes.

Yes, 3 credit cards total between 2 people – 2 AMEX and 1 Visa.

Yep, lost some of you right there.

I understand, sick of us promoting Amex, don’t want to get a new card, too much work, “loyal” to a certain card, whatever.

We want to make something clear – Amex and the other companies don’t pay us to promote them. We might get the odd referral if you use our link for Amex, but that’s it.

Big Rick will be back soon and he just finds deals.

I just find deals – either through credit card bonuses or cheap flights.

Just because we say one particular credit card is a great deal, doesn’t mean they are compensating us for that – in fact they are not.

We like Amex because of the amazing sign-up bonuses they offer and the referral program they have – simple as that.

We try to stress the fact if you are not good with credit, don’t get these cards – plain and simple – don’t.

So…getting to Florida for a week for free…


We already have a page devoted to finding free flights. Here it is.

It has pictures and everything – even my sister said it was easy to follow.

Now, to get these free flights you need 60,000 Avios for a family of 4.

This will fly you from Cleveland to Miami.

Note – depending where you are it could still be 60,000 Avios – you should check our Avios page on the different mileage redemptions

Cleveland? Yes you need to drive about 3 hours from our area to get these free flights. Otherwise it will be 72,000 – 80,000 Avios total.

Ok, “I can do that part” you say. Now…60,000 Avios.

Step 2 on that page is getting the points.

You get the Amex Gold Rewards card first (25,000) refer your partner (10,000 to refer) and your partner gets (25,000) for a total of 60,000 points.

These points are transferable to Avios at 1:1. DONE.

Put them in an Avios Family Account.

But hotels…Yesterday I did a post on the Chase Marriott Visa.

Read the post.

7 nights in a Florida hotel for free.

That hotel is not the only one – check all Florida Marriott Cat. 2 hotels – many to choose from. Yes, they are not the Hilton or whatever, but we are talking a free week! Crazy! One Visa card!

So now I have a page to refer to when my friends will inevitably ask me about getting a free week in Florida!


Side note. – if you couldn’t find flights, but love the idea of staying a week in Florida – drive!

You can redeem the 25,000 (x2) points for a $200(x2) Amex giftcard  – use for gas.

You can redeem 10,500 points for $75 giftcard.

There is $475 in Amex giftcards. I have driven twice lately and taking a minivan it uses up about $400 in gas. You may have giftcard money left for meals, hotels, etc. With the current price of gas at $3.00/gallon it will cost less than when I paid about $3.50.

There you have it – a page on a free week in Florida – flights and hotels.






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