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It’s been fun…

So this will be my last blog post, almost 5 years to the day I started this!

I look back on that first post with a smile, knowing I was trying to get people into this “game” of free travel.

I was successful in getting many co-workers, friends and family into this game and many have gone on “free” vacations since then – WHICH WAS THE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE!!!

The cards have changed, but many have stayed the same, along with the sign up bonus.

I am primarily focussed on US cards now as Amex has an annual fee on most cards now and the hotel cards have really dried up in 5 years!

Back in 2013, there were some great bonuses on cards with no annual fees which led to all the free travel in the first place.

This may change again, who really knows, but soon you’ll find me at… (if at all)

My hope was to get people “free travel”. I hope I succeeded!


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