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CDN Cards drying up…

So it may be the end for this blog…or not…we shall see how the next month or so pans out!
Amex has really been cracking down lately, starting with referral bonus reductions and then “not waiving” fees on both Gold Rewards cards.

Simply put, right now all Amex cards we have been talking about the last 5 years have an annual fee.

That alone will scare off many consumers, no matter how good of a deal the sign up bonus is.

So my last few posts have discussed getting US cards.

I won’t go into that right now, just see my last post from last month.

Is it worth the extra work getting US credit? A resounding YES IT IS DO IT NOW!

Way more cards, better sign up bonuses, the list goes on.

You do need a way to get those cards, and pay them off, not to mention spend on them, but there are ways.

If you know me and live close, come talk to me sometime and we can discuss this further.

Otherwise see my last couple posts on how to do this…and best of luck!!!



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