Time to branch out to US cards!

When I first got into this “game” over 7 years ago there were multiple CANADIAN credit cards with great hotel sign up bonuses.

SPG x 2, Marriott, Best Western, IHG and Choice Hotels were all offering cards back then.

Most of them without an annual fee.

Now, we still have 2 SPG cards and these both have fees so that hasn’t changed much, but after that we have the Best Western Mastercard with a measly 20,000 points bonus which may get you one free night.

To make matters worse, you can’t even refer to the 2 SPG cards which was a HUGE bonus back then.

Then you have the other Amex cards like the Gold Rewards Card and Business Gold Rewards card which both now have ANNUAL FEES.

I can’t help but think this is killing their sign-ups. But maybe this is what they wanted – less referrals and less people using Amex MR cards?

Even 2 years ago (or less) the Gold card would give you 25,000 MR points and the Business Gold would give you a total of 45,000 MR points after you spent $5000 on it.(both cards waived first year fee)

That is 70,000 MR points for free – then you refer your spouse/sig other and double up plus referral points!

Well, no more.

I’ll be honest for me personally this was enough to get me out of the CDN Amex game…for now.

I read a post a little over 2 years ago…


This post got me into the US credit card game – and if you know that market the bonuses are significantly better.

Here is my experience getting into that market.(from 6 months ago)


It really is that easy. Give it a read. Find a US mailing address you can trust.

Here is my page for being referred to US cards.


If the CDN credit card bonus market is frustrating you this might be the time to try this out…



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