More great flight deals end of August!!!

The end of August offers such great flight deals and always has as long as I have been looking this stuff up the last 6-7 years.

Now, I find these flights out of Detroit but it would still apply to most airports in general.

I’ll just post final prices again – in CDN funds and ROUND TRIP price.

The dates I picked were Sunday August 26 – Wednesday August 29.

Again, use Google Flights to alter dates, airports etc.

Myrtle Beach  – $135

NYC – $211

Orlando – $161

Minneapolis – $182

Vegas – $240

Denver – $199

San Diego – $252 (nice!)

Super Bowl 2019 Champions Seattle – $324

Oakland – $231

Houston  – $189

New Orleans  – $238

Ft. Lauderdale – $153

Boston  – $135

Now, if you’re CDN like me and don’t want to support you know who by going to the US…

Calgary – $375

Montreal – $460

Quebec City – $369 (not bad!)

Again, check google flights these CDN prices can get better!


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