Detroit Summer Series – last week of August(again) DEALS

I have gone on about the flight deals at the end of August but it is worth repeating – THERE ARE GREAT FLIGHT DEALS AT THE END OF AUGUST!!!

These are all of of Detroit (our home airport here) and the prices are CDN round trip prices.

I picked some days at random – Sunday Aug 26 – Wed. Aug 29 – but the prices won’t change significantly during the week if you pick other days.

How many cities did I find UNDER $200 CDN ROUND TRIP OUT OF DETROIT?

Denver – $172

Houston $141

Ft. Lauderdale $169

Orlando $187

Myrtle Beach $180

Washington DC $138

Boston $130

NYC $196

Minneapolis $159

Kansas City $161

And Get This…

Las Vegas $277

San Diego $296 – Whattttt?????

LA $318

So there are some ideas for you while the prices are still right!

Check Google Flights for more!

I think this pic sums up my post…


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