Detroit Summer Series – last week of August deals…

So I have gone on for a few years about the great deals you can find at the end of August flying out of Detroit. (other cities as well, obviously)

I’m sure there are good reasons for this – many US schools are already back in, many people want to stay close to home to get ready for school, etc.

Well this helps you if you want to travel in this time!

As a family we went to Disney World end of August 2016 and saved $$$ on flights – not to mention the smaller crowds there that time of year!

Stayed at SPG Swan for free using points so that worked out very well.

Take Monday Aug 27 – Thur Aug 30 as an example.

That could be anywhere from 4 full days to 2 full days depending on your flight times.

But it isn’t an expensive time to fly – in general.


I will list a bunch of cities and their ROUND TRIP PRICE IN CDN FUNDS from Detroit.

Boston – 191

NYC – 225

Philly – 163

Myrtle Beach – 181

Ft Lauderdale – 195

Orlando – 240

Dallas – 214

Vegas – 323

LA – 364

Denver – 202

Calgary 392 – (great)

Quebec City – 295 (great)

As you can see there are some very good deals there – just use Google flights and play with it a bit – you can easily find better prices.

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