Marriott/SPG changes

Didya hear? Yes, I’m sure you did by now – I read at least 8 different bloggers’ version of this and am getting tired of it.

Canadian and US bloggers – I’ll put a link to the best Canadian blogger and US blogger about these changes.

Ya, you might not agree with my fav – but I’ve been reading these guys for years and I feel they have the best content.

You can just google this and find a whole bunch of information for yourself.

My take? Wait and see, find some sweet spots in the “off peak” bookings and of course get the new credit cards when they come out!

For everyone I know, that is pretty much it. For the bloggers that do nothing but travel and write they will have much more to say – but I personally know nobody that stays 50 nights year/spends thousands of dollars on one card etc.

So let’s just see what’s coming and hope the sign-up bonuses are sweet and they keep referral bonuses!

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