Just use Hotel Points!!!

I did a post almost 3 years ago that still rings true today and is very relevant this week – our CDN March break.


Now, cards have changed since that post and you are left with 2 SPG cards and 1 Best Western Card, but the value in those 3 cards is about $2000 in hotels for $270 in fees.

A Marriott card or 2 will be back soon but in the time being this is what we have.

The best part of those SPG AMEX cards is you can work together with your partner to pick up referal points and combine your points.

Many people asked me before March break about finding “cheap” hotels in Florida after I found them “cheap” flights.

If this may have been you wondering about “cheap” hotels grab a SPG Amex card and start the process for yourself.

One way to look at it is this – would you pay $120 on Groupon or whatever to be guaranteed anywhere from 2-7 free hotel nights (based on quality/location of hotel)?

Ya you probably would.

The thing to remember is only do this if you know you can pay down your credit on time and are responsible with credit.

As a side note I have branched out into the US hotel cards which is also very lucrative and worth giving a shot if you have established credit there.

Check our page “Paypal Me/US Amex cards” on that.

Our most popular page is “How do you do this” which gets you started on these CDN cards.


Have fun with it!

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