Is your stellar credit rating getting you free travel?

I just had a conversation with a friend who was concerned getting 2 credit cards within a month and what that would do to her “stellar” credit rating.

This person has had the SAME 2 CARDS for years and has received nothing but a few hundred in free groceries in that time. That’s terrible.

“Ummm, that’s pretty good actually” you may say.


The sign up bonus alone on the cards I mention on my “How do you do this” page is worth more than a few hundred in groceries – not to mention the continual points you would get from spending.

Why are people “faithful” to a certain card for years and get nothing back?

To keep their “stellar” credit?

I did a post a couple of months ago about this and it’s very true.

Your credit will dip when you get a card. Google it.

Is thousands upon thousands of dollars in free travel worth it when you credit score “dips” a bit for a month or two?

Think about it. Does a dip in your credit score really affect anything? (unless it is already low and you are going for a car loan/mortgage etc)

My credit score has ranged in the 730-780 range since I started this “hobby” over 6 years ago.

My free flights/hotels/car rentals have been in the multiple thousands of dollars every year.

So think about it if you haven’t started this yet – how important is your credit rating if you are fiscally responsible already?

This is our page to get you started. HOW DO YOU DO THIS


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