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Amazing flight deal next weekend!!!

This may be gone by the time you read this but next Friday March 9 – Monday March 12 Detroit – Ft. Myers is $55 US ROUND TRIP on Spirit.

Good part is you get most of the flight days in Florida too.

Check it out and book on Spirit.


Is your stellar credit rating getting you free travel?

I just had a conversation with a friend who was concerned getting 2 credit cards within a month and what that would do to her “stellar” credit rating.

This person has had the SAME 2 CARDS for years and has received nothing but a few hundred in free groceries in that time. That’s terrible.

“Ummm, that’s pretty good actually” you may say.


The sign up bonus alone on the cards I mention on my “How do you do this” page is worth more than a few hundred in groceries – not to mention the continual points you would get from spending.

Why are people “faithful” to a certain card for years and get nothing back?

To keep their “stellar” credit?

I did a post a couple of months ago about this and it’s very true.

Your credit will dip when you get a card. Google it.

Is thousands upon thousands of dollars in free travel worth it when you credit score “dips” a bit for a month or two?

Think about it. Does a dip in your credit score really affect anything? (unless it is already low and you are going for a car loan/mortgage etc)

My credit score has ranged in the 730-780 range since I started this “hobby” over 6 years ago.

My free flights/hotels/car rentals have been in the multiple thousands of dollars every year.

So think about it if you haven’t started this yet – how important is your credit rating if you are fiscally responsible already?

This is our page to get you started. HOW DO YOU DO THIS


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March break cheap flights – $150 CDN round trip…cheap enough?

Ok, I am always posting about cheap flights from Detroit to Florida and this post is no different – but it is for our March break which a few people may find interesting.

Firstly, those Saturday – Saturday flights or Sunday – Sunday will cost you the most – usually.

Can your trip be shorter? Do you have to fly into Tampa/Orlando?

What about Monday the 12 to Friday the 16 for $150 CDN round trip Detroit – Ft. Myers?

Orlando – $191, Ft. Lauderdale $198 both CDN and round trip.

The above flights are with Spirit if you want to know where to go.

So many people I’ve been talking with seem to think these flights should cost you $400 or more!

Again, like I have said over the years here, USE GOOGLE FLIGHTS!!!!!

Do you have hotel points to make this trip pretty much free?

Get them! Check out our page “How do you do this” and grab a card or 2 – SPG and Best Western ones will do it.


Why not a Free Vacation?

I have been doing this for years and still some of friends don’t think it is possible – and these are well educated people with common sense!


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When I tell them I haven’t paid for a flight or hotel in the last 5 years they automatically assume I’m exaggerating or flat out lying.

I don’t do that. I like the numbers game and how you can “play” this game and travel free all the time.

People do similar things when they understand the system. Think day trading the market or mining bitcoin.

I know people that do both, and are reasonably good at it.



Day trading – obviously costs money.

Mining Bit Coin – obviously costs money.

Getting a few credit cards a year – can cost you nothing.

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Now, the naysayers can grumble on about that and give all sorts of reasons why it’s “bad” for your credit, you’ll pay “more in interest” than the rewards you get.

But that is all bullshit. I’ve never sworn on this blog in 4.5 years – that is my first bad word! (maybe 2, keep reading)

Bad for your credit? Only if you get a new card every month and cancel it right away after the bonus – or you don’t pay your bills off!!!

But don’t do that. Be reasonable with the cards. Maybe get one every 3-4 months. Keep them until the fee kicks in (if there is a fee).

Pay your bills on time.

There -right there. That is all I do.

  1. New card every 3-4 months
  2. Pay bills on time

Travel free from now on.

My page “How do you do this” lists 4 cards you could get over the next year that would give you thousands of dollars of free travel for a total of $240 a person.

Thousands. Even better if you work as a pair and refer each other.

My page “Big Purchase Bonus” is better if you want to try 1 card and have a few bucks to spend in the next 3 months.

I mean this is awesome.

Spend $10,000 on cards next 3 months.

Get back about $2000 of that in hotel stays or $2000 in flights!!!


That’s why I say, “Why not a free vacation?”

Try it, you’ll like it.


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