March Break Sweet Spots

So as we all know as Canadians March break is an expensive time to travel – always is.

Usually most people are stuck in the Friday-Friday/Sat-Sat/ or Sun-Sun type of flight.

Many people don’t waver from this and that can hurt your budget.

2 things to really consider when planning a March break trip are…

  1. fly different days and don’t necessarily stay a week
  2. do you really have to fly out of…(Detroit for our area)

I usually do a post like this every January or so but it is so true.

Many people I chat with are going Saturday March 10 to Saturday March 17 and are going to Florida – lets say Orlando in this example.

Currently this flight is $350 CDN on Delta – which is actually pretty good!

Google flights will give you hints by the way.

Can you make your trip shorter? Can you drive and extra 2 hours to Cleveland?

In the picture below there are different cities listed but I’ll tell you what it comes down to.

Make your trip half a week if money is an issue – say going Sun 11 – Thur 15.

Your new CDN flight prices round trip?

Orlando – $158

Ft. Lauderdale $160

Ft. Myers $149

Tampa $152

All I am saying here is have some flexibility and save some serious cash.

Hotels still gonna cost ya? Check our page “How do you do this” and grab some SPG or Best Western points and stay free!


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