Does this hurt your credit rating? A resounding NO!!!

A few co-workers usually ask me this question this time of year – “Does getting all these cards hurt your credit rating?”



Take it from Gronk from a totally unrelated YouTube video (Tide pods) – IF YOU PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME THIS WILL NOT HURT YOUR CREDIT SCORE AT ALL.

My page “How do you do this” will get you started on the right cards for Canadians and travelling for free.

In the 6+ years I have been doing this my rating has stayed between 720 and 790.

That is good/very good/excellent.

I won’t go on a long rant but if you are tired of your Air Miles doing nothing for you and a few bucks here and there grocery shopping you should try this “hobby” out – it is very lucrative and not overly time consuming – it does take some learning.

1 card every 3-4 months? Why not travel for free?

There are far better sites/blogs than mine to start your education on this.

Rewards Canada, and many more out there.

I am just simply stating this doesn’t hurt your score if you are responsible at paying bills.



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