Travel Sports? Get some hotel points!

I did a post a few years ago…

It has come up again recently and is still true today but with fewer options – for now.

Travel sports cost money – hotel money is a part of it.

Why not alleviate some of that pain and get hotel points as a team?

Because Amex lets you refer and is generous with their sign up bonuses there are ways you could go a season and spend very little if any money on hotels.

The CDN cards you can get (right now) are the Amex SPG card – personal and business and the Best Western Mastercard.

I have them linked on the “How do you do this” page but even these 2-3 cards will save you thousands in hotel stays – yes thousands.

Especially the Cat 1 and 2 SPG properties going for 4000 points or less a night and decent properties for sure!

If you are reading this and don’t travel for sports…who cares? Why not grab a couple thousand dollars worth of hotel nights for $120-$270 total in annual fees?

It seems like a no-brainer but some people are wary of cards that carry an annual fee – it is so worth it in the end though.


Image result for spg hotels

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