Get Going on March Break!

Seems this is the time of year everyone is realizing they need a break if they didn’t go anywhere for Christmas holidays (if you had them)

It’s cold, January and you are sick of hearing stories about “who went where”

So…you wanna go somewhere free eh?

Image result for florida beaches

You can – it’s about 2 months from now – but you have to hustle.

Ya – it’s credit card sign up bonuses – I have been yapping about them on this site for over 4 years now.

I talk to many people about this daily so why not don’t a quick blog post about it?

The page “How do you do this” has the 3 cards to get – you could get 2 of them and pretty much be covered for a free vacation.

If you can refer a partner/spouse etc you can more than double up on the bonus points.

Yes, you have to spend some money and yes you have to learn a little bit about points and how they work – BUT IT IS WORTH IT!!!

For the spending money part get some family/friends/etc to help you out there – then pay them what they spend on your card – not really allowed but…

Learning about points? Check our other pages “Amex Points” and others.

I’d probably get both the Amex Gold Business (you can be a business by the way) and the Amex SPG card and then refer a partner if you can.

The Best Western card is good, it’s just they can be very disorganized with their points rewarding and you might not see them in time.

The Amex Gold points post immediately which is excellent and the SPG points post monthly so you want to get that card and spend your $1500 soon.

Then…go on a free vacation for March Break! Or if a little late on points there is still Easter!

Try it – it’s fun!


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