Use Google flights – Different cities!!!

So back to school for me and everyone is talking about their next trip…wherever!

A tool I use and you probably should too if you don’t yet is GOOGLE FLIGHTS.

Let’s say you’re like many of my co-workers and are talking March Break since it is only 2 months away now (in Ontario)

Some people have very strict times, dates and cities to adhere to and therefore box themselves into a certain flight price that won’t change very much in the next 2 months.

Let’s say ( a common one here) Saturday to Saturday March 10 -17 Detroit to Tampa.

Here is the current flight info.


So $391 CDN for a nonstop or not shown is $345 for 1 stop.

If you are purchasing a few flights savings means alot here!

Just by changing a day or a city you can save significant amounts.

Many people I chat with are buying 4 flights…so let’s see what I can do here.


Fly out of Cleveland! I have done a few posts over the last few years about flying out of Cleveland rather than Detroit and it can pay off! (391-251 = $140 per flight!)

Then you can play with the dates,cities etc and hopefully save even more money.

Since many of you are now planning March break plans I suggest you try out Google Flights before you book your flights – it may not save you anything – but it probably will.



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