Renting cars at airports? Check Expedia often…

I have done a few posts on this over the last 4 years, but once again the title is true.


This is crazy – I just went to Expedia to get a picture for this post and upon checking my car, the price went down again – and our trip is about 3 weeks away!


Basically many car rental providers allow you to put the car “on hold” with Expedia until you get there  – with no charge.

That allows you to book it at a certain price – usually the first time you look you may book it in.

Then over the course of however long it is before your trip you should check back often to see if your price goes down – it usually does!

My example here (but there have been many over the last 5 years) is the car I wanted started at $450 about a month ago.

That seemed fair for the vehicle we were getting – but I knew it would probably drop.

Sure enough over the last week it has dropped 2, now 3 times.

My current price is $240 for the exact same vehicle – and in this particular case the same company – but it’s not always the same company.

These are always nice “wins” in this travel game!


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