You gotta love SPG and procrastination

So as the years go by and more and more of my friends figure out SPG and why they haven’t “done this sooner!!!” it amazes me people still ask how you can get 1 – yes just 1 hotel room free.

This blog is now 4 years old and at the start I was going on about SPG and Amex and some people picked it up right away and others still want to, but just can’t get started!

I realize people have other things to do and have families – much like myself – but all you need to do is sit down for a few hours and get organized. Then…slowly after maybe 6 months…BOOM – FREE VACATION!!! What???

Why SPG though? Well it’s not just them, but the return on their Amex credit cards run in the range of 5%!!!!! Not to mention the sign up bonus you get!

They just lowered their bonus from 25,000 to 20,000 points and I know many people got on board then.

What is it then? Ahhhh yesssss…$120 annual fee.

People do Groupon and other deals that don’t even come close to the SPG cards – not even remotely close!

Simple example.

You get the card, spend $1500 on it.

You’ll end up with 21,500 SPG points usually worth over $1000 in hotel stays for that $120.

Better example – spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/travel partner

You get the card, refer that other person mentioned above to the card – both of you spend the $1500 on it.

You’ll get 21,500 + 5000 points (also lowered) and they get 21,500 points.

Combined total 48000 SPG points – which you can combine in a family account with SPG or Marriott.

Hotels stays worth between $2000 – $2500 depending on where you stay for a combined fee of 120 + 120 = $240.

5th night free with both SPG and Marriott, so you can get some pretty nice vacation destinations on the beach in there for 5+ days.

US and Canadian bloggers go on and on about this card  – and for good reason – it’s the best option out there!!!

I have a link to this card here, but remember, only get these cards if you can manage your money properly and can sit down and get organized with your user names and sign ons, etc for an hour or two.




One response to “You gotta love SPG and procrastination”

  1. evathompson says :

    I was “late to the party” but eventually did get a card and am now enjoying the bonus points!

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