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Florida this weekend for $50 CDN

I still can’t believe this.

Tomorrow, Saturday October 7 – Tuesday October 10.

$50 CDN round trip Detroit – Miami or Orlando.

There are flight deals and then there are just plain crazy flight deals – this is one of them!!!!!

Miami is on Frontier, Orlando is Spirit.

Check Google flights before this is gone.

This is without a doubt the best flight price I have ever seen so close to the flight date.




Best Western Promo is Pretty Sweet!

So I’m checking Twitter for the latest promos and I see one from Best Western which is pretty sweet – 10,000 points for a free night between November and January at any Best Western in North America.

Now I’m sure there will be limitations but get in this early and you could be getting a $300-$500 hotel room for a measly 10,000 BW points which is really only worth between $70-$100!

It’s only one night but still – this is a great promo I have never seen before with them.


Ummm…I can’t believe this flight price…


With all the sadness coming out of Las Vegas today I thought I would post some nice travel news.

This coming weekend – Canadian Thanksgiving – $48 CDN ROUND TRIP TO MIAMI OR FT LAUDERDALE!!!!!!!!! out of DETROIT ON SPIRIT or Frontier

Saturday to Tuesday and other combos available.

This is insanely cheap…CHECK IT OUT!!!



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