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Cheap flights($102) to Myrtle Beach till Nov. 4

Looking to get away in the next couple months out of our area?

Ya, you may not like Spirit – I know – but c’mon these price are outrageous.

$102 CDN round trip Detroit – Myrtle Beach MANY weekends coming up.

Google Flights is amazing – I love it.

So, after I type that I check if there is anywhere farther for similar money.

MIAMI – $98 CDN round trip same weekend.

Seriously? Get some hotel points and have a really cheap vacation South coming up!


There is one example of many.


The above shows prices going up after Nov 4 weekend.


The above shows a $98 round trip flight to Miami from Detroit!!!

Big Changes Lately!!!

So I haven’t done a post in about 3 months for no reason other than wanting to take a break from this – nothing good or bad happened just wanted a break.

But I do follow the “scene” very closely and now must make big changes to my page “How do you do this?”

Things that were once mainstays in this “game” like the Amex Gold Rewards card and the Marriott Visa have had changes.

There are 2 links to Best Western cards now – and you could probably get both!

Patrick at Rewards Canada first reported that the Amex Gold Rewards Card (personal) is now charging an annual fee of $150 – indeed this is true…and sad.

He also reported the Chase Marriott Visa is now over.done.finished. never coming back??? You know something will come back – maybe with Amex where we can refer? Let’s hope so.

The thing is…there are always options.

Sure, the Amex Gold Rewards (personal) has a $150 charge – just get the Business version!

It’s free first year and gives you a 40,000 point bonus…you just need a way to spend $5000 in 3 months!

That would give you a total of 45,000 points for free! (maybe google Canadian manufactured spend to help you spend that $5000)

Chase Marriot 50,000 point bonus gone?

Really? Why not pair up with a friend or spouse and get the Amex Personal SPG card.

Get the card and spend $1500 – 25,000 SPG points for you – refer to friend/spouse 10,000 SPG points for you – friend/spouse also gets 25,000 SPG points.

Between you that is 60,000 SPG points ($120+$120 annual fee)

Well…what does that $240 get you two?

60,000 SPG points is EASILY WORTH $2000 in hotel stays – probably more when you end up doing it.

I have been doing posts for years on the Amex SPG card – always been the best (fee) card out there for travel.

I’ll start posting great airfare prices soon!


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