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Last week of August – fly somewhere!

Well, I can’t beat my last post on $50ish flights – that was an amazing sale that we probably haven’t heard the last of.

But if you’ve ever wanted to fly somewhere (in the US from our area) late August is definitely a time to try.

You know late August…many sports are done, summer activities are coming to an end, you may be looking for something new to try before school is back in.

I really can’t get over (if you have seen my last few posts) how cheap it is to fly at this time.

Cleveland can be cheaper than Detroit by a few bucks to fly out ot of so keep that in mind.

Again, most of these flights are Spirit but c’mon these prices are unreal.

I’m looking at a Google Flight map right now and here is what I’m seeing.

These are CDN round trip prices!!!!!(last week of August/3-5 day trips)

Some flights on Frontier…

Cleveland to…

LA – $206

Las Vegas $157

New Orleans $110

Denver $210

Orlando $136 (pretty much whole state of Florida under $200)

Myrtle Beach $118

Boston $151

I’m seeing Detroit prices more to significantly more depending on city.

A few places under $200 from Detroit – Boston/Philly/Myrtle/Orlando/New Orleans.

There you have some examples anyway – might be worth a try for some of you?





Seriously. Round trip summer flights for about $50.

Well, late August has some great flight deals – we know that from my last few posts.

But Spirit has this sale which is insane. Ya, I know “Spirit Air??? C’mon”



If you can put up with them for an hour or two and perhaps drive yourself 2 hours past Detroit – to Cleveland – you will find some great flight prices..

The short list has Myrtle Beach, Boston and New Orleans to name a few.

I mean if you are looking for a few days trip in the middle of summer – here you go – check their website for more.

This example is Cleveland – Myrtle Beach mid to late July for just over $50 US ROUND TRIP!

Check it out. There are many more examples!


Last Week of August Flights – Ft. Lauderdale $162 CDN Round

Why not? Looking for somewhere to go last week of August? Well we have posted a few deals the last couple of weeks.

Today’s post is Detroit – Ft. Lauderdale from Tuesday August 29 – Saturday Sept. 2.

You get to FLL Tuesday morning as well so you get that day as well!

Come back Saturday morning.

It’s on Spirit – check Google Flights for more. ($120 US.)


Last Week of August Flights – New Orleans $187 CDN

Nice deal – $70 US each way – Spirit Airlines (I hear you cheering lol)

Why not? Check out the “Big Easy”

Here is the screenshot from Google flights – check it out yourself.

You can also leave Sunday for that price for 1 extra day.


Last Week of August Flights – Boston/Philly $160 CDN round trip.

These are out of Detroit. Boston or Philadelphia late summer for $160 CDN round trip on good ‘ol Spirit Air. ($120 US)

Hey, it’s a 90m flight – you can do it.

Just use Google flights and type in some dates or locations – it’s fun!

Here is a screenshot of the latest deal.