Nice Amex Changes – Students!!!

So I’ve been reading my fellow CDN and US bloggers this week and the US has a nice new credit card everyone is raving about (here is a link of many links available).

But the news here in Canada is of the 2 big changes American Express has made re. applying for cards.

Seems 1) there is now no minimum income requirement and 2) You cannot have a bankruptcy on file that is younger than two years old (down from 7).

Pointsnerd alluded to this the other night and it is now good.

For my friends and readers this may spur them on to get their grown, but younger children into this or even a partner/spouse that was hesitant to try this.

I can tell you from personal experience the Amex Canada cards are terrific for travelling for free and customer service is usually amazing.

We have a page that gets people started on this process “How Do You Do This”


Most starters go with the Amex Gold Rewards Card that has no annual fee first year and gives you 25,000 points after spending $1500 on it in 3 months. (That is worth a minimum of $250 in travel).

Anyway, if you were thinking of getting into this “game” but were hesitant because of certain reasons, this may be your chance!



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