Toronto-Paris $600-$700 CDN late summer (round trip)

So my sister EVA gets the credit here for finding this flight but it seems like a great deal.

If you do a google flight search for Toronto-Paris for the last week of August you will find some pretty nice prices round trip!
WOW Air will get you there for about $700 CDN with a quick stop in Iceland.

Ya, I know it’s not a direct flight but now you can say you’ve been to Iceland!

About 10 hour flights overnight, but the price is right!

Image result for price is right bob barker

In general I always like flying somewhere the last week of August as you can find some sweet deals that week – check other destinations!

WOW – make it $610 if you come back Monday.


One response to “Toronto-Paris $600-$700 CDN late summer (round trip)”

  1. eva says :

    WOW Air is really trying to build a reputation with affordable flights and customer service. They were just launching 2 years ago when I went to Iceland and am glad they are servicing Toronto now.

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