100 Aeroplan gets you 88.5 Avios NOW

Sick of Aeroplan? The latest news got ya down?

I’m not going to comment on that at all – I wrote a post over 3 years ago on why I was leaving Aeroplan and going with Avios. Now, you may not agree but I did and haven’t looked back.

Even when I did collect a few thousand Aeroplan I decided to donate them to charity.

Here is my post.


Now, it’s not an easy process and it takes time and patience so…..

Anyway, my example I use is it takes 100,000 Aeroplan plus a few hundred in taxes to fly my family of 4 to Florida. It also takes 80,000 Avios plus 50 bucks to do the same thing.

This may not be for you, but it is an alternative for Canadians.


Image result for avios


2 responses to “100 Aeroplan gets you 88.5 Avios NOW”

  1. Teddy says :

    I’m consider doing it if RBC rewards bring back the 50% bonus to Avios.

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