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Last Week of August Flights – Myrtle Beach $89 round trip

So as I’ve mentioned for a few years now it seems a really good time to fly is late summer or for us teachers/parents the end of August.

I thought I would try something a little different from my Detroit Summer Series and focus on the last(ish) week of August flights to different places.

I’ve already mentioned a few sales to Europe but this will focus more on flights within the US from places close to where we are. (Detroit/Cleveland/Flint/Toronto)

So in this post we gave Cleveland – Myrtle Beach Monday August 28 – Friday Sept. 1 for $89 US round trip.($119 CDN)

The great thing about this flight (besides being on everyone’s fave. Spirit Air) is the prices are all $44.19 right now either way any day of the week. (right now)

That is a nice short holiday on the beach to end your summer!

Check it out!




That return price is $44.19 as well. US funds.


Nice Amex Changes – Students!!!

So I’ve been reading my fellow CDN and US bloggers this week and the US has a nice new credit card everyone is raving about (here is a link of many links available).

But the news here in Canada is of the 2 big changes American Express has made re. applying for cards.

Seems 1) there is now no minimum income requirement and 2) You cannot have a bankruptcy on file that is younger than two years old (down from 7).

Pointsnerd alluded to this the other night and it is now good.

For my friends and readers this may spur them on to get their grown, but younger children into this or even a partner/spouse that was hesitant to try this.

I can tell you from personal experience the Amex Canada cards are terrific for travelling for free and customer service is usually amazing.

We have a page that gets people started on this process “How Do You Do This”


Most starters go with the Amex Gold Rewards Card that has no annual fee first year and gives you 25,000 points after spending $1500 on it in 3 months. (That is worth a minimum of $250 in travel).

Anyway, if you were thinking of getting into this “game” but were hesitant because of certain reasons, this may be your chance!



Diverse graduates



Cleveland to Europe under $500 CDN. round trip this summer!!!DELTA.

Ok this may not last and I got it from but I checked a few of the links and this is legit.

Cleveland is only about 4 hours from where we live.

Here is the link for you to go to.

Here is a sample screenshot.



That’s pretty good!



Toronto-Paris $600-$700 CDN late summer (round trip)

So my sister EVA gets the credit here for finding this flight but it seems like a great deal.

If you do a google flight search for Toronto-Paris for the last week of August you will find some pretty nice prices round trip!
WOW Air will get you there for about $700 CDN with a quick stop in Iceland.

Ya, I know it’s not a direct flight but now you can say you’ve been to Iceland!

About 10 hour flights overnight, but the price is right!

Image result for price is right bob barker

In general I always like flying somewhere the last week of August as you can find some sweet deals that week – check other destinations!

WOW – make it $610 if you come back Monday.


100 Aeroplan gets you 88.5 Avios NOW

Sick of Aeroplan? The latest news got ya down?

I’m not going to comment on that at all – I wrote a post over 3 years ago on why I was leaving Aeroplan and going with Avios. Now, you may not agree but I did and haven’t looked back.

Even when I did collect a few thousand Aeroplan I decided to donate them to charity.

Here is my post.

Now, it’s not an easy process and it takes time and patience so…..

Anyway, my example I use is it takes 100,000 Aeroplan plus a few hundred in taxes to fly my family of 4 to Florida. It also takes 80,000 Avios plus 50 bucks to do the same thing.

This may not be for you, but it is an alternative for Canadians.


Image result for avios