Free Travel Takes Time

As I get more of my friends into this “game” I notice how little time people want to put into getting “free travel”

If you’re a fellow travel blogger like me, you probably know this all too well.


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If you’re reading this just out of curiosity you need to know something – FREE TRAVEL TAKES TIME (to learn)

Sure, you can sign up for a few credit cards and BINGO – you’re off to Cuba on a free 7 day All Inclusive – not quite how it goes.

Before I started this site in November, 2013 I spent a few years researching everything travel related – and I still only scratch the surface when it comes to all the information out there.

I continually find new sites/blogs that keep me thinking of ways to get that next free flight or vacation.

My page “Websites/Articles” has many informative sites that you could spend hours on learning very important information about this game.

I myself have moved onto a new “game” with the whole US market out there for us to try.

I did a page a couple of years ago – “How do you do this” that gives you a simple way to start this process – and a bunch of travel points in your bank.

Then what? Is the question.

Read. Download the App for whoever you got points with. Read. Book a free hotel. Read. Book a free flight. Read.

The longer you can sit in front of a computer/tablet/phone and READ about what you are doing the better off you will be in this game.

Let me give you one simple example that many of my friends will experience.

Let’s say you and a partner get the Amex Gold Rewards card – like many of my friends do – one refers the other and you end up with say…25,000 + 25,000 +5,000 to refer + another 5000 in total spend to get the both of you to about 60,000 MR total combined.(very common scenario)

That’s all no fee by the way.

  1. Simplest use – “pay with points” you and partner use it for $600 in free travel.
  2. Flight points – you could convert to Aeroplan, but I’m going to suggest convert to a British Airways(fly American Airlines) family account at a 1:1 ratio to give you 60,000 Avios points. That is 4 round trip medium haul flight from…say Detroit to NYC or Dallas or Charlotte NC to name a few. What is that worth? Seasoned bloggers give those points 2 cpp or a worth of $1200.
  3. Hotel points – for simplicity I’m going to say convert them to a Starwood family account at a 1:0.5 ratio or to 30,000 SPG points(90,000 Marriott points). With SPG and Marriott when you book 4 nights you get the 5th night free. For SPG find a nice Cat. 3 hotel at 7000 points a night – 28,000 points total and stay 5 nights free. What is that worth? Seasoned bloggers give those points 3-5 cpp or a worth of $900 – $1500 in hotel stays.

Finding that information out took some reading.

Doubling my point value took some reading.

Who to read? If you are on Twitter follow me, but even better see the travel sites I follow.

Canada – Rewards Canada, Points Nerd, Pointshogger.

US – Frequent Miler, Points with a Crew, many others.

This is a great “game” but you do need to learn it.


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