Wow on Iberia Avios!

I read an article about a year and a half ago on Iberia Avios redemptions.

I was very intrigued by this article especially after B.A. raised the amount of Avios needed on short haul flights within the US from 4500 per flight to 7500 per flight.

Basically, for us you could fly Detroit to places like NYC, Philly, Wash, DC and Charlotte, NC for 9000 Avios plus a couple bucks.

Those flights are now 15,000 round trip which still isn’t horrible.

Anyway, that link has the article and it is VERY much worth reading if you collect Avios and want to fly within the US on AA.

So, just over a year ago the Iberia site wouldn’t let you search for those flights anymore for whatever reason. BUT IT IS BACK!

Yes, I am excited and I will show you the reason below, but the link I posted is very much worth reading!

I am going to pick a flight from Detroit to Orlando using Avios.

Keep in mind these are the SAME flights to and from these cities

First the British Airways Avios site.


OK, if you know BA you know the only city in Florida Detroit flies non-stop to is Miami.

So, because of this you have to stop in Charlotte on your way to Orlando.

So every flight you take is 7500 Avios times 4 total flights = 30,000 BA Avios.

Not terrible, but it used to be 4500 Avios times 4 total flights = 18,000 BA Avios.

Now…the Iberia Avios site.


Yes, I know it’s about $11 more per flight but it’s 13,000 Avios cheaper per person!!!

These are the exact same flights.

All my point here is read the article I posted the link to.

These “hacks” take time. You need to learn the “game” in order to take advantage of these deals – but this is a nice one!



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