Starter’s Blog :-)

So I have had this Blog/site going for 3.5 years now and am continually learning.

Most of my friends/co-workers are very new at this “game” and I usually talk them through their travel plans and how to get certain points/book cheap flights etc.

The flight deals we post are usually good for people living near us – SW Ontario – and really don’t benefit anyone living far from here.

The things I have noticed lately are the detail oriented, strategy posts about using miles to get a Business class flight to Europe with a layover in (wherever) and then getting back through a different city – all in Business Class!

While I understand the post and then try it myself (booking it online) using the different tools available to us  – I don’t see myself ever doing this type of flight.

I have posted some new links on our “Website/Articles” page that really get into this – and these apps/websites are truly remarkable.

But for the people I talk to on a daily basis (and it is many) these scenarios aren’t at all realistic.

Some of these bloggers are young and single so flying first class to Europe is no problem and they seem to think everyone should!

Others are family men/women like myself and can still do it – I say that’s great – enjoy it while ya can!

But the most realistic scenarios for my friends and I are getting a free hotel night on a weekend trip to Niagara Falls,  or finding really cheap flight prices to get away for March Break and enjoy a few days in the sun.

This is a “Starter’s Blog” for sure and always will be.

Rewards Canada got me into this 6 years ago – ya click his link – he is the king.

There are more and more blogs out there with more and more travel hacks – and that can only be a good thing in the end.

If you are interested in these “advanced” blogs just click “here” and this page has some cool travel hacks – but be ready to read and commit some time!

Yes, this is a game and some of these bloggers have taken it to the next level – I will stay true to my simple blog with ways to get some free hotel nights/flights and finding cheap flights for those that live in our area.

I made a page a few years ago that keeps it simple and gets you the points you need to get started. “How do you do this?”

Happy travelling!


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