Advantages of living near US Airports

I have always felt that living near US Airports (residing in Canada) has been a huge advantage for those of us that love to fly.

As I was reading a few blogs this week I realized this was very true.

I see bloggers trying to use their Aeroplan, Air Miles and Westjet dollars and see the struggles (and success) they have with booking these flights.

I get it – Canadian bloggers talking about Aeroplan/Airmiles because that’s the “Canadian” point system.

But it’s not.

Those of us in SW Ontario have a choice – Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo to name the big ones.

I did a post before March Break about booking a last minute flight from Toronto to Orlando from Sat. to Sat over the break would be crazy expensive – and it was.

I also talked to about 5 different CDN families that flew out of Cleveland that lived in the Toronto area – so people are doing it!

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My point is try diversifying your “points”!

Why not collect Avios and fly AA out of Detroit to say…Miami? 20,000 Avios plus $14.

The taxes are usually way lower as well.

What about Southwest? I just recently got the companion pass and 120,000 SW points worth over $2000 CDN in flights – for 90,000 SPG points. (plus a seven night Marriott vacation)

We have a page “How do you do this” that gets you points in the hotel programs as well as the flight programs if you are so inclined.

I have a friend that just went ahead and got all 4 cards the same day. “Why not?” she said – “I’ll eventually get them all anyway”

Good point. But not recommended for people who can’t manage their own finances.

Remember, as Canadians we are not “stuck” with Airmiles and Aeroplan – we just have to branch out a bit.


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