Pick your flight days wisely.

Maybe this is obvious to most of you, but the title says it all.

“Pick your flight days wisely” ESPECIALLY if your days are flexible.

March break is expensive for us Canadians – it seems everyone is going South this week whether it is Florida, Arizona, Texas, etc.

I don’t even bother checking Air Canada anymore for flights – either nothing available or just way too expensive.

Being in SW Ontario we have a huge advantage in that we can fly out of the US and also do customs at whatever location we usually go over at.

We used to fly out of Toronto for everything but since I started following blogs and websites over 5 years ago I found it just made way more sense financially to fly out of a close US city – Detroit usually, Cleveland more lately.

But the point is if you can be somewhat flexible with your dates you will save hundreds, maybe even thousands on your flights.

I know some people that will this week go and try a book something like Toronto – Orlando from Sat. March 11 – Sat. 18 on Air Canada. Without even knowing or checking that I know that flight will cost you $$$$$.

Why not…

  1. Fly out on Monday and come back Monday or shorten the trip?
  2. Fly out of Buffalo or some US airport close by?
  3. Fly into a different city that may be hundreds cheaper and just drive a little further when you get to where you want to be?

You’d think I get a cut from Google or something but I don’t – it just makes sense to check your options that may save you hundreds of dollars from one click of a mouse!

It is getting late in the game for booking March break stuff so it is even more important to check those options and not just blindly pick  Sat. – Sat. from Toronto to the happiest place on earth.

If this saves ANYONE a few hundred I will be happy.

Here is a screen shot of Google Flights…




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