Why Aren’t YOU Using Points???

This seems simple to me.

“Why aren’t you using points?” to pay for Hotels at least.

Flights can get complicated with Aeroplan/Avios/Southwest points etc – it really isn’t that hard but I understand it when people say they just don’t want to get into flight points – just find me cheap flights!

But Hotels? C’mon!

Yes, if you have terrible credit and are not very prudent at paying your bills you may not be able to accumulate Hotel points.

Side point here. I have so many people I know collect just enough hotel points for a vacation then stop. You really should “bank” points and continually collect them but that’s another story.

Another friend has gone South and paid full price for a hotel (Marriott) that can easily be free using points.

The best part about Marriott/Starwood right now is you can collect points by 3 different CDN credit cards right now AND refer friends to 2 of them.

“How Do You Do This”

#3 and #4.

If just one person gets the Starwood personal, Starwood business and Marriott card that is a s-load of points – for $270 in fees.

Starwood Personal 20,000/ Starwood Business 20,000/ Marriott 50,000 Marriott.

That equals 170,000 Marriott points or 56,667 Starwood points.(actually little more including spend points)

That pays for a vacation on the Beach 5-7 days depending on resort. $270 CDN.

If a couple get those cards each, with referring each other it is…the 170,000 points each = 340,000 plus referring each other (say 20,000 SPG) = 60,000 more Marriott = 400,000 Marriott points!!! (for $540 CDN)

Simply put – that is at least 2 beach vacations for $540 total.

Seriously, try using points – the hotel ones are very simple to figure out.


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