March Break Flights

*****JUST IN…Sienna McLean just updated me you can get Cleveland-Tampa March break for under $100 – I’ll post pic below. $15 more if not in $9 club…SPIRIT AIR


So, some people wait until the last minute to book holiday travel and while it’s not quite “last minute” for March Break for Canadians it is close.

A couple tips on booking flights South –  Canadian style.

Again, I use points for the most part, but when you can get a round trip flight for $200 CDN or less to Florida it might be worth saving those points.

Sat. – Sat. or Sun. – Sun. is usually pretty expensive – try and change up your dates a bit!

Like flying out on Mon-Wed – that may save you a few $.

Or coming back on those dates. Or leaving earlier like the Thursday if you can.

These are just things I see when I monitor these flights on Google Flights.

Can you fly out of a US city? That will usually save you some $ for sure.

Do you mind  Spirit Airlines? or the cheaper alternatives? that can save you $

Know your extra costs with Spirit like baggage charges and printing boarding passes ahead of time.

When you are done and you think you have the right flight(s), try Google flights and changing up your departure airport or destination airport – THAT HAS SAVED ME A FEW THOUSAND THE LAST COUPLE YEARS!

Even trying 1 of these may help you out!


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