Southwest Strategy for couples is amazing.

I have a page “Southwest Strategy” that outlines how for $540 CDN ($270 each) you can get about $2500 in flights through Southwest, partner flies free for rest of this year and next year, and a free week in a Cat 1-5 Marriott Hotel.

A couple of people have asked me about it lately so I went back and re-read the page and I am honestly SHOCKED what an amazing deal this really is.

This will be discontinued March 31 because my guess is so many savvy travellers were doing this exact thing. (discontinued through use of hotel points)

Now, we as Canadians don’t see deals this goooooood very often other than the Westjet companion pass but this honestly blows that away tenfold.

The math doesn’t lie  -check out the page.

Many US bloggers have been going on about this strategy for years and it is about to end.

I can honestly tell you that I would bet this is the best way to use points for travelling free we will see.

I am glad I got to try this once but it takes time to get Starpoints, refer your partner and spend the money – but it can still be done.

It probably takes minimum a month and a half to acquire all these points so if you are serious about this – get moving!


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