“OK, what was that one card that was free flights, or free rooms or just free travel again?”

I have been asked this about 6 times in the last few days.

Why not do a post on it? Cuz I’m shilling a credit card, which isn’t our overall goal but does help people travel for free.

Rewards Canada got me into this game over 5 years ago and they have been doing this over 15 years – here are the current CDN ranking of travel credit cards.


American Express Gold Rewards Card. (no annual fee first year)

Those other number 1’s are great too, but the HYBRID part is the key.

Spend $1500 in the first 3 months – get 25,000 Amex MR points plus your spend  = 26,500 MR points.

  1. Free flights? Convert to Aeroplan or Avios or the other airline options (we have pages on both of them) at a 1:1 ratio
  2. Free Rooms? Convert to SPG at a 1 MR:0.5 SPG = 13,250 SPG = 39,750 Marriott points
  3. Free Travel? Use it as a $265.00 credit for travel when booking on that card.

THAT is what is great about this card – the many options available.

Now, here is what I have found over the years.

Find out which points you need and will use the most and try to get points in all of those programs – there are many Amex MR cards out there and you can refer to get more points.

The “pay with points” usage (#3) used to be seen as the worst option but when you can get a flight for $100 or use up 25,000 Aeroplan, your better option is to pay $100 and use up 10,000 MR points rather than 25,000.

Those are all great cards with nice sign up bonuses, but the Amex Gold Rewards Card has been #1 many years in a row for a reason.

Here is our link to get that card. and thanks if you go through us!



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