Hotel points/Google flights

I cannot stress enough the money you will save using these 2 options for travelling.

I have gone on long enough about Google Flights but if you haven’t tried it like my friend yesterday – give it a shot!

Especially if your travel days are somewhat flexible – in this case he was flexible by +-2 days.

That is huge when it comes to airfares.

We based this on a Detroit – Ft. Lauderdale flight with original days at $375/flight.

That seems reasonable, but just change your days a bit and perhaps change the airports you are flying in or out of.

2 minutes later the flights were $175 each but out of Cleveland.

So there are choices involved here – are you willing to save $200 per flight to drive 2 extra hours?

How many flights? Do you have time? Also I have noticed there are many Cleveland airport hotels that offer FREE PARKING for the time you are gone – that is big.

Then we had to check hotels – but you don’t have ANY hotel points? So then we check Expedia/Travelocity etc.

This trip could be way cheaper – and your could be way cheaper too – if you just collected some hotel points!!!

It is worth banking hotel points for future use as well as you will probably use them eventually.

I get asked all the time “How do you do this” so I made a page “How Do You Do This” that covers the basic Canadian credit cards to get for hotel points.

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