Free Flights take work…

So last night a friend wanted me to do a presentation on all this travel stuff which I happily did and I must say it went well.

The thing I do notice most often with new people getting into this is they are not aware of all the free flights and hotel nights out there – but booking free flights takes persistence and patience!

You need to give this “hobby” some time to learn about the different point systems, which sign-up bonuses are worth getting, what airlines you would like to fly on, etc.

I have a few pages on that entitled Avios, Booking Free flights, Aeroplan, etc that give you the basics on what to do.

But even when you know the different systems there are problems as to which points to use on flights – now this is a great problem to have – asking yourself “should I use my Avios, Aeroplan or Amex points on these free flights?”

When I first started out my only flight points were Avios and I was continually looking for flights through them but you eventually learn it’s hard to find 4 round trip flights to where you want to go for free!

So take some time and read my other pages if you want, or read other bloggers articles on Avios/Aeroplan/Southwest etc.

I can honestly say it’s been a fun journey and my goal 6 years ago was to fly and stay places for free and I have done that for 5 years now.

On the other side of things, hotel points are extremely easy to figure out and use so at least there is that!

My page “How do you do this?” gets people started who are truly beginners at this.

There are always skeptics and that is fine, but the proof is in the travel! (free travel)


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