Try Cleveland Airport and Google Flights

I know a bunch of my fellow Canadians are looking to book March break flights down South right now and for those of you that live in SW Ontario you should consider Cleveland to fly out of.

Image result for cleveland rocks

Yes, it does rock and it definitely can save you hundreds on flights.

Just on flights alone this time out it saved me $120 per person times 4 people = $480!!!

Yes, it is farther to drive than Detroit (approx. 2 hours past Detroit’s airport), but is your extra 4 hours total worth about $500 to you? (minus gas )

I have now found Cleveland flights a few times over the past 3 years and each time have saved hundreds – USE GOOGLE FLIGHTS TO HELP YOU OUT TOO!

The Google Flight option shows you different days and airports to fly in and out of which will save you money almost guaranteed.


Image result for google flights

I won’t paste a bunch of pictures showing you different options, but can say if you try this option you should end up pleasantly surprised!

So before you book that next flight for yourself or your family, try these options out.


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