Incredible Return on SPG cards…

I saw a post the other day on what was “the best credit card” to use in Canada.

I did a post 2.5 years ago on this and it still holds true.

As I recently received the US Amex SPG Card and it actually has no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees that makes it a great overall card.

Imagine spending $3000 on a no-fee card and getting about $800- over $1000 back in hotel stays – that’s what it comes down to for the US card.

For us Canadians it’s not quite as good but still great nontheless.

If you spend a mere $500 on the card you get 20,000 Starpoints…or 60,000 Marriott points!

Now, that card has a $120 annual fee but to get those points is a truly great pick-up.

Starpoints are consistently valued as the highest “point” value in the travel world and rightfully so.

I know a few people hesitant to get this as a $120 fee can scare people, but c’mon…$120 to get $1000 or so in hotel nights?

As they have been bought by Marriott we may not be able to get/refer this card for much longer so no better time than the present to get those cheap points.

If you have a partner/friend you can also refer this card to them and pick up an additional 10,000 points for the referral!

It truly is an all-round great card.

You can click on the image to apply for the card in Canada.

Image result for spg logo





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