Get to Orlando for New Years for under $200 CDN round-trip.

I’m always looking for good flight deals – and this is a good deal so close to Christmas break.

I did a post a couple of months ago about $100 flights to Ft. Lauderdale over the Christmas break – that was incredible and I know at least 4 families that booked that in our area.

So now we are closer to the break so it’s hard to find good deals to Florida – but I found a decent one – BUT YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO DRIVE TO CLEVELAND.

You know what? It’s only 2 hours past Detroit’s airport and NO traffic at all.

If you want to just go to Detroit it’s $50-$60 more per flights so that’s not terrible.

Just try Google flights and plug in your days.

The most important thing I have learned using Google flights is the option to pick airports close to the airport you want. That option alone has already saved me a few thousand in just using it the past 2 years.

Cleveland always seems to be cheaper than Detroit – sometimes a little, sometimes a significant amount.

Anyways, here is the screenshot of what I found.



$196 CDN round trip on Frontier.

$176 CDN if you come back Friday the 6th.


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