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Can’t get South for Christmas? Check Spirit Airlines!!!

I get emails from Spirit all the time so I thought I’d check this one to see if I could find a deal or two.

Great deal right now where it’s called 99% off – check website it’s not THAT great but still pretty good.

$77.77 to get to Ft. Lauderdale round trip? If seven is lucky then maybe book this trip!

That price is from a Wednesday night to Sunday morning – a nice long weekend in mid December.

They have such good deals all the time –  now I know not everyone likes them, but $77.77…

If you had hotel points this would be an extremely cheap little vacation to Southern Florida.

Check out our page “How do you do this” how to get a bunch of free hotel points and get moving.





Get a bunch of Marriott points!!!

Co-workers have been asking me this week how all the hotels we stay in are free.

Well, I’ve been blogging about it for 3 years and 1 day now and I don’t understand how people haven’t at least picked up one Canadian hotel credit card.

But the Marriott card isn’t the only one to get to load up on points.

That card will get you (and your spouse/partner/etc) 50,000 Marriott points each for free.

That, in itself is awesome and probably worth $500 each in hotels, but sometimes more.

But an even better strategy is for one of you to get the Amex SPG card as well, spend the $500 needed to trigger the 20,000 SPG bonus, then refer your partner to pick up another 10,000 SPG points. They will then also pick up 20,000 SPG points when they spend $500 in 3 months.

That will give you 50,000 total SPG points for $120 each in fees on the card.

Those 50,000 SPG points can be directly transferred to Marriott points at a 1:3 ratio or 150,000 more Marriott points!

That is 2 cards each and a total of 250,000 Marriott points between you for $240 total.

That is how you load up on points for vacations!

Check our page “How do you do this” for the links to the cards – it is the 3rd and 4th card listed.


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More deals from Karen…

Karen is our travel agent – she can find you almost anything!

Get a hold of her…519-542-1009/


Get to Orlando for New Years for under $200 CDN round-trip.

I’m always looking for good flight deals – and this is a good deal so close to Christmas break.

I did a post a couple of months ago about $100 flights to Ft. Lauderdale over the Christmas break – that was incredible and I know at least 4 families that booked that in our area.

So now we are closer to the break so it’s hard to find good deals to Florida – but I found a decent one – BUT YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO DRIVE TO CLEVELAND.

You know what? It’s only 2 hours past Detroit’s airport and NO traffic at all.

If you want to just go to Detroit it’s $50-$60 more per flights so that’s not terrible.

Just try Google flights and plug in your days.

The most important thing I have learned using Google flights is the option to pick airports close to the airport you want. That option alone has already saved me a few thousand in just using it the past 2 years.

Cleveland always seems to be cheaper than Detroit – sometimes a little, sometimes a significant amount.

Anyways, here is the screenshot of what I found.



$196 CDN round trip on Frontier.

$176 CDN if you come back Friday the 6th.


More Deals from Karen!

Karen, our travel agent just posted more great deals South!

Call her at 519-542-1009/email visit her in Kenwick Bdg., Sarnia.



Book that Christmas Vacation!

So I have had a few co-workers come up to me since November started and ask me how to go South for Christmas break.

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Well, go ahead and pay full price for a vacation, or…spend a little time learning the “points system”

My page “How do you do This” is set up exactly for that.

Yes, at this point if you want a free/cheap vacation you will need to grab a new credit card or 2 – but it is officially spending season so why not?

The Marriott Visa is free, you get your points (50,000) almost immediately, and if you have a travel partner/spouse/etc you can double up on the points!

This card is the “no brainer” of the travel credit card world.

There are hotels in Florida that start at 10,000 points per night with a pool, free breakfasts, etc.

The Best Western card (also free) gives you 40,000 points which can get you 2-3 free nights in similar hotels.

The Amex Gold Rewards card is my fav. because it’s free and you get 25,000 points which can be used as a $250 travel credit or can be converted to airline points to use towards a free flight anywhere in Canada/ Continental US.

The Amex Starwood would be for nicer hotels on the beach (see this page) and is the best card of the bunch but many people can’t get past the $120 annual fee. This card would take about 1 month from arriving in the mail to get your points as well.

So there are many opportunities out there – especially if you are willing to drive to your destination!

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