Suite opportunities in Florida

So with all the latest buzz regarding SPG and Marriott merging into one and how you can freely transfer points between them at 1 SPG = 3 Marriott there have been many posts on how best to take advantage of this.

A couple of co-workers have asked me how to quickly pick up enough points to vacation in Florida over the Christmas break.

My page “How do you do this” sums it up quickly.


Regarding how to best benefit when you have enough Marriott/SPG points – this is the best post I’ve seen.

But I have been looking for Florida hotels for years now using my SPG points and did a page on it (6 nights on a Beach) over a year ago.

Because I can accumulate SPG points easier than Marriott points those were the hotels I was looking up for years.

Even though the sign up bonuses were worth about the same for their credit cards (SPG – 20,000/ Marriott – 50,000) the Amex SPG card allows you to refer to friends and pick up 10,000 more points per referral = 30,000 Marriott points.

Here is the link for that great card.

This has opened up a whole bunch of “Suite opportunities” in Florida.

When my family and I usually go we find a condo that has 1-2 bedrooms, kitchen, living area and is on the beach.

Those condos are not cheap by any means – but Marriott offers many hotel rooms that have these features.

Obviously the ones situated right on the beach are more points per night (starting at 35,000 and up)

The hotels that offer these features that are inland a mile or 2 generally start at 10,000 points and up.

It really comes down to location – if you want right on the beach you will pay more points for this important feature.

The Marriott hotels I am referring to here are Residence Inns, Springhill Suites, Fairfield Inns and Townplace Suites.

Here is a screenshot of hotels available in the Fort Lauderdale area when you bring up the map view.


Many of them right near the water!

That red “M” to the south is the Hollywood Beach Marriott for 40,000 per night, but no suites.

That 2 beside Fort Lauderdale is Marriott Beach Place Towers which has 1 and 2 bedrooms units available for 40,000 per night.

The point is you should spend some time and look – sometimes you just get a room and sometimes you can have an extra bedroom or suite for the same amount of points.

If you are willing to be off the beach you can get 2 bedroom units with kitchens etc for less points as well.

Many new, suite opportunities.

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